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When you support Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Academic Success

At Boys & Girls Club of Chicago, we believe that all young people should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and we strive to provide them with the resources needed to do so. We design our programs to help our members make strides academically, giving them the tools required for success in the classroom and beyond. In addition to immersive learning experiences — like early literacy programs, video game coding, Lego robotics, science experiments, field trips, college tours, help with college applications— our members are supported by a team of dedicated mentors who are invested in their success. Your support is helping our members achieve academic excellence and strive for greater heights of success.

See the impactful work of Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago in supporting kids and helping them create their own comeback stories.

Good Character and Citizenship

Through your generosity, we’ve been able to provide kids with unique opportunities that help build a strong foundation of good character and citizenship. Our programs have helped equip our members with the skills they need to become active citizens — exhibiting leadership, standing up for what is right, helping others in need and taking an active role in their communities. We have seen remarkable growth in teens who are demonstrating that they can be engaged citizens and truly make a difference in their communities.

Watch how you help enable Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago to be a beacon of light for kids who need it most, giving them the tools and hope they need to ignite their inner lights.

Healthy Lifestyles

Because of supporters like you, our Clubs have been able to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to cultivate healthy habits for a lifetime. From building self-esteem and confidence to giving kids healthy meals and teaching them how to swim, excel in sports and stay active, we are helping kids develop emotional and physical well-being that will last into adulthood. Your support is making an incredible difference in our youth’s lives and giving them the confidence to succeed.

See how your support is creating healthier lifestyles and empowering our youth to succeed for a lifetime.

Life-Changing Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago offer a variety of life-changing programs, from physical wellness activities to career development and the arts. Our mentorship program is especially valuable, as we have knowledgeable and compassionate adults in our Clubs who provide guidance and support to our members. These caring adults help Club members gain the confidence, skills and resources necessary to explore their interests, discover their talents and become well-rounded young people with a life-long interest in learning. Your support has been integral in helping our Club members gain the confidence, skills and resources to make these dreams a reality.

See how we are providing kids, like Jade and Tamara, with life-changing programs that will last a lifetime.

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